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Local Businesses and Individuals Partner to Donate Bikes/Helmets to Earning by Learning Top Readers at Dallas ISD Schools

The Earning by Learning Bike Giveaway was the idea of a former Earning by Learning student and recent Savannah College of Art and Design graduate, Eddie Espinoza. Searching for a way to give back, Eddie returned to his elementary school, B.H. Macon Elementary, and delivered the first bike/helmet to the top Earning by Learning reader. 

Patricia Ridgley, IBM administrator and new Earning by Learning board member, on one of her visits to Martinez Learning Center, said "Students are so excited about Earning by Learning and clapped when they saw me coming in with the bike! The school reading celebration was great and Beverly Harbin, library media specialist and Earning by Learning school coordinator, is an absolute gem!


Earning by Learning Richmond Launch

Pictured: left to right from Martinez Learning Center - Principal Pena, EBL top reader and parent, Patricia Ridgley (EBL board member), and Beverly Harbin (EBL coordinator)


Founding Director, Thelma Morris - Lindsey says, "The student bike giveaways are simply another way to bring local businesses together to acknowledge the tremendous reading achievements of Dallas ISD students. It also gives children an opportunity to realize that reading and hard work pay off in very tangible ways. There is absolutely nothing more gratifying than hearing an auditorium filled with hundreds of children clapping and excited about reading. It is truly a Kodak moment!"

In only 9 short weeks,  2,933 Dallas ISD students read 21,185 books and passed comprehension quizzes on each of those books with 85% or above accuracy.

For those interested in participating in the Spring 2014 Earning by Learning School Bike Giveaway simply click onto our bike donation form. Bikes and helmets can also be donated in honor or memory of someone you love. 



You Could Change a Life



EBL Donors -Robby Rudine and Janet Yoder



Harvard University Subjects Earning by Learning to a Rigorous Evaluation

Harvard logo

Earning by Learning of Dallas is the single most effective and cost efficient literacy program in America, as documented by a recent Harvard study on how incentives can greatly increase the pace of children's learning.

To learn more about the study read Dr. Fryer's published paper.

Click here for Harvard study findings fact sheet

Click here to download EBL brochure

Click here for EBL fact sheet


Hear what Dr. Fryer thinks about Earning by Learning.

Spoke at Earning by Learning Education Forum

Earning by Learning is a phenomenally successful program that has placed America's children on the track to success in the global workplace. The Earning by Learning program is designed to use performance-based and non-cash incentives to stimulate children to read. Each student must pass (with at least 80% accuracy) a computerized comprehension book quiz for accountability.